Born on June 8th, 1981, Gera, Germany
Grown up in the beauty of nature in the Bavarian Alps
Spent some time in Stuttgart, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.
Resides in Munich, Germany

+49 172 8356735

2014 “Jens Franke – Strassenfotografien aus Stuttgart“, Outer Rim, Stuttgart, Germany
2014 “Little Districts“, Kunstbezirk, Stuttgart, Germany
2013 “Vertraute Fremde“, Ebene 0, Stuttgart, Germany
2012 “Eckensteher“, Lichtbildnerei, Stuttgart, Germany

2014 MRKT Online Magazin: "Jens Franke und sein Stuttgart"
2014 Mono Magazin Hamburg: Teil 1 – “Pure Women”
2014 Stuttgarter Zeitung: “Die Exotik im Alltag”
2014 Fujifilm UK: “Jens Franke combines street photography with …”
2013 Stuttgarter Zeitung: “Stuttgart und seine Gesichter”
2013 Stuttgarter Zeitung: “Little Districts”
2013 Photography Blogger: “B/W Street Photography by Jens Franke”
2013 Leica Camera Forum: “Made with Leica #20 Jens Franke”
2012 Stuttgarter Zeitung: “Nichts Gestelltes, nichts Gestyltes“

2014 Fujifilm “X-Photographer”

2014 – 2015 Fotoworkshop “Streetphotographie” for the VHS Ulm in cooperation with Bettina Michel

I’m Jens Franke / Capturing fleeting emotional moments of people, whether of happiness, sadness, joy, anxiety or loneliness became the goal of my photography.

Females Five
Munich One
Females Four
Stuttgart One
Water Colors